Gullane Golf Club

2023 DCGC Haldane Cup

Sunday 3rd September 2023
Gullane No. 2, Tee - White
H'cap Allowance: 95%

The Haldane Cup on Gullane No2 takes place on Sunday 3rd September 2023 for male members of East Lothian Golf Clubs with a WHI Limit of 18.0. Tee times from 7.36am to 12.36pm to be allocated in Zones. Entry fee £20 to be paid to Dirleton Castle Golf Club Sort Code 80-20-22 A/C No 00317876 please give name(s) as reference. 2022 participants are given first chance to enter so please sign up and pay quickly.  

2023 DCGC Haldane Cup

Sunday 3rd September 2023, White Tees, Gullane No. 2

(95% handicap allowance)

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]
1st Martin Kellagher(8) 68
2nd Andrew Finlayson(4)  Gifford68
3rd Dean Brett(12)  69
4th Iain Wyper(-1)  70
5th Greg Houlston(1) 70
6th Lawrie Main(2) 70
7th Gareth Bridgeman(5)  71
8th Bruce Calder(-1)  71
9th James McCall(9)  Glen71
10th Angus Edmond(10)  Broomieknowe71
11th Derrick Hay(7)  71
12th Todd Jerome(10)  71
13th Johan Svard(6)  72
14th Gary Nisbett(10)  72
15th Willam Cowan(9)  72
16th Craig Black(9) 72
17th James Wilkinson(5)  72
18th Neil Robert Adam(11)  72
19th Thomas Gray(7)  72
20th Ben Stirling(1)  72
21st Paul Johnson(14)  73
22nd David Locke(14)  73
23rd Campbell Moffat(11)  73
24th David Nicolson(1) 73
25th Carter Jerome(1)  Kilspindie73
26th David Houlston(18) 73
27th Benn Mcleod(-3)  73
28th Neale Ogilvie(11)  Haddington73
29th Keith colgat(4)  73
30th Keith Colgan(4)  Haddington73
31st Iain McLean(9) 73
32nd David McLeod(1)  74
33rd Brian Brownlie(17)  Kilspindie74
34th David Tait(8)  74
35th Neil Dewar(6)  74
36th Diarmuid Cotter(6)  74
37th Chris Wilson(5)  North Berwick74
38th Mark Alexander(4)  Dunbar74
39th Colin Sinclair(7) 75
40th Justen Ross(0)  75
41st Mike Gray(-4)  75
42nd Justin Maver(5)  75
43rd Paul Anderson(6) 75
44th Chris C Stirling(0)  Kilspindie75
45th Brad Muir(6)  75
46th Doug Wilkie(11)  75
47th John Cochrane(12)  Craigielaw75
48th Darren Hunter(10)  Royal Musselburgh76
49th Torquil McInroy(6)  North Berwick76
50th Gordon Blackwood(7) 76
51st Robert Rodriguez(5)  76
52nd Andrew Hall(-1)  76
53rd Kevin Laws(2)  76
54th Scott Greig(1)  76
55th Ian Dickson(1) 76
56th Andrew Flood(6)  76
57th Andrew Bardsley(14)  Rhodes Golf Club76
58th Marc Storan(9) 77
59th Roger Mclean(10)  77
60th John Clelland(1) 77
61st Juan Martinez(15)  Glen77
62nd MR PAUL A CAMERON(7)  77
63rd Duncan Watson(17)  77
64th Ewan Gordon(0) 77
65th Craig Stewart(6)  77
66th Keith Bowman(5)  77
67th Stewart Baxter(6) 77
68th Darren Graham(12)  78
69th Alan M Meikle(5)  78
70th Grant Cropper(2)  78
71st Ernie Philp(5)  78
72nd Iain Gordon(2)  79
73rd Frank Aherne(2)  Haddington79
74th Russell Pinkerton(10) 79
75th Robert G Brown(3)  79
76th Thomas Simmonds(-4) 79
77th Jamie Pollard(8)  79
78th James Alexander(7)  79
79th Ben Carter(15) 80
80th Brian O'Connor(1) 81
81st Brian Henderson(2)  81
82nd Paul Hand(14)  81
83rd Michael Porteous(15)  81
84th David Main(14)  82
85th Sean Graham(7)  84
86th Cameron Smith(13)  84
87th Scott Dickson(-3)  Dunbar85
88th Tom Calder(13) NR
89th Greig Baynham(9)  NR
90th David Isaac(16)  NR
91st John Draper(9)  HaddingtonNR
92nd Jamie Mcgill(7)  NR
93rd Russell Topping(4)  NR
94th Harrison D J O'Connor(3) NR
95th Colin W Wood(12)  NR
96th Stephen Speed(5)  NR
97th Steven Tait(5)  NR
98th Stuart Adams(15)  NR
99th Craig Spinks(4) NR
100th Scott Gilbride(8)  NR
101st Alan Fraser(6) NR
102nd Dean White(8)  NR
103rd Derek Burnett(6)  NR
104th Craig Scott(8) NR
105th John Watson(12)  BroomieknoweDQ Marker Not Signed Card
106th Brian E Paxton(9) DQ Card Not Signed
107th Daniel Watson(13)  DQ No Scorecard handed in

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Open To: Men
Current Entries: 106
Max Entries: 114

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