Gullane Golf Club

Local Rules

Local Rules are also detailed on Scorecards

1. Out of Bounds (Rule 18)

A ball is out of bounds if it is:

i) On or beyond the main Edinburgh - Gullane Road (A198)

ii) Beyond any wall or fence bounding the course

iii) On or beyond the paviours and car park around the Gullane Links Clubhouse.

iv) Beyond white posts to left of 1st fairway on No.2 and right of the 1st fairway of No.3

v) On or beyond the metalled road right of the 18th on No.3 bordering the Children's Course.

2. Ground Under Repair (Rule 16)

a) A player may take relief if he/she has interference from:

i) Outcrops of bare rock.

ii) Hoof marks.

ii) Aeration holes.

b) A player MUST take relief if he/she has interference from an area marked GUR.

3. Immovable Obstructions (Rule 16)

a) All artificial surfacesand artifically surfaced paths and surrounds of paths (including cockleshell surfaces) are immovable obstructions

b) Immovable Obstructions close to the putting green: the player may take relief under Rule 16.1b if an immovable obstruction (e.g.) a sprinkler head is:

- on the line of play

- within two club lengths of the putting green

- within two club lengths of the ball

4. Embedded Ball (Rule 16.3)

a) When a ball is embedded in the general area a player may take relief.

b) Free relief is not allowed for a ball embedded in the stacked or soil face above a bunker 

The grass on a grass contoured bunker is no a bunker face and is not in the bunker. It is in the general area and free relief is available under Local Rule 4a).

Temporary Local Rules

If any apply, notices will be posted in the Clubhouses and the Starters’ Boxes.


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