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The Clubhouses

Gullane Golf Club has two Clubhouses:

Members' Clubhouse

The Members’ Clubhouse has been a landmark on Gullane’s skyline for nearly 100 years so it was imperative that any changes would not affect the look of the town,” said David Morgan, the Club's Secretary. “Instead we wanted to retain the exterior of the clubhouse while revitalizing the interior to accommodate a busy, modern club with all of its demands. I am pleased to say this was achieved.”

The 18-month project saw Gullane’s iconic clubhouse close to both members and the public while the extensive restoration work took place.

The clubhouse now incorporates flexible, interlinked social spaces while retaining the character of the original layout.

Visitors' Clubhouse

Opened in 1993 by Ryder Cup Captain Bernard Gallacher, the Visitors’ Clubhouse is situated next to the practice ground and the first tees of No. 2 and No. 3 courses. For visitors and members alike, this is an ideal meeting place where the buzz around the tees is palpable and banter in the bar is always good-natured.

With comfortable dining facilities and well-appointed locker rooms, the Visitors’ Clubhouse provides convenient access to all three courses as well as all the facilities you would expect at a major golf complex. For many, the Visitors’ Clubhouse is the ideal starting point for a great golfing experience.

After your game, you can relax in the lounge bar overlooking the courses and discuss the challenges of the links. Soft spikes are allowed.

You can also order from a wide variety of foods ranging from snacks, daily specials and a la carte meals.

There is a battery charging area in the bag drop area as you enter the Clubhouse.




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June 2024 Diary of Events
Thursday 1st
07:28 - 15:04
GGC June Medal (No.1)
Sunday 2nd
ELJGL 2024 Match away to Match Day 6 Haddington (East Lothian Junior Golf League)
14:16 - 14:32
Fun Stableford (Juniors) - No.2
14:16 - 15:20
Fun Stableford (Juniors) - No.3
16:32 - 17:36
Comrades Four Nighter (4) - No.2
Monday 3rd16:08 - 17:36
DCLGC Smith Flag - No.2
Tuesday 4th08:00 - 12:56
GLGC Stableford (June)No.3
17:04 - 17:36
GLGC Stableford (June)No.3 (cont.)
Wednesday 5th07:28 - 19:20
GGC Wed Medal (June) No.1
08:40 - 09:52
DCLGC June Medal - No.3
17:04 - 17:20
DCLGC June Medal - No.3 (cont.)
Thursday 6th   
Friday 7th   
Saturday 8th07:28 - 16:00
GGC Summer Meeting (Sat No.1) & 2)
Sunday 9th07:28 - 15:44
GGC Summer Meeting (Sun No.1) & 2)
Monday 10th16:40 - 17:36
DCLGC Captain's Prize - No.2
Tuesday 11th
GGC Marston Trophy 2024 Knockout Begins
GGC Club Championship 2024 Knockout Begins
09:04 - 10:16
GLGC Flag Foursomes (No.3)
17:04 - 18:00
DCGC Colville Cup (2) - No.3
Wednesday 12th
GGC Doctors Trophy 2024 Knockout Begins
2024 GLGC Club Championship -Silver Knockout Begins
2024 GLGC Club Championship - Bronze Knockout Begins
12:48 - 13:36
DCGC Jubilee Medal - No.3
17:28 - 18:24
DCGC Jubilee Medal - No.3 (cont.)
Thursday 13th07:28 - 10:32
Seniors - Summer Cup (Medal) No.1
Friday 14th   
Saturday 15th
2024 GGC Junior Club Championship Knockout Begins
2024 GGC U14 Boys Club Championship Knockout Begins
Sunday 16th
2024 GLGC Junior Championship Knockout Begins
Monday 17th   
Tuesday 18th   
Wednesday 19th05:00 - 05:48
GLGC Midsummer Madness
05:56 - 06:20
GGC Midsummer Madness
08:40 - 09:52
DCLGC Spring Meeting - No.2
16:56 - 17:12
DCLGC Spring Meeting - No.2 (cont.)
Thursday 20th   
Friday 21st   
Saturday 22nd12:00 - 12:56
GGC / GLGC & Juniors
12:00 - 13:12
Gullane Golf Club 2024 Match at home to GGC/GLGC vs Juniors (Gullane Golf Club matches)
Sunday 23rd
ELJGL 2024 Match away to Match Day 7 Royal Musselburgh (East Lothian Junior Golf League)
07:28 - 08:32
DCGC Summer Medal - No.1
08:32 - 08:40
GLGC Alt Medal (June) - Bronze No 2
10:00 - 10:32
GLGC Alt June Medal (Silver) No.1
12:32 - 13:28
DCGC Summer Medal - No.1 (cont.)
14:00 - 14:40
Gullane Golf Club 2024 Match at home to New Club St. Andrews (Gullane Golf Club matches)
16:24 - 16:48
DCGC Summer Medal - No.1 (cont.)
Monday 24th   
Tuesday 25th   
Wednesday 26th08:00 - 12:32
GLGC June Medal (Silver) No.1
08:32 - 10:32
GLGC June Medal (Bronze) No.2
17:28 - 17:44
GLGC June Medal (Silver) No.1 (cont.)
17:28 - 17:44
GLGC June Medal (Bronze) No.2 (cont.)
Thursday 27th 
Friday 28th 
Saturday 29th 
Sunday 30th 
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The Grand Match vs Luffness New Saturday 18th May 2024
GGC Members/Guest Winter Shotgun Saturday 10th February 2024
GGC Greenkeepers' Revenge 2023 Saturday 18th November 2023
2023 Gullane 9 Medal Saturday 21st October 2023
2023 DCGC Haldane Cup Sunday 3rd September 2023
Calcutta Cup (GGC/Juniors) Saturday 26th August 2023
GGC Invitation - No.1 4Ball Saturday 19th August 2023
Invitation Weekend (Aggregate) Saturday 19th August 2023
GGC Wed Medal (Aug) - No.1 Wednesday 2nd August 2023
Captain's Shotgun Saturday 29th July 2023
GGC Mixed Foursomes Open 2023 Sunday 9th July 2023

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