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World Handicapping System Update

We are now just over a month into the new World Handicapping System, and it’s fair to say it’s been an interesting period with various queries and challenges to address, as everyone acquaints themselves with the new system and how WHS operates in practice.

Initially, the predominant queries related to explaining exactly how your handicap index had been derived, how your course and playing handicaps are calculated, and accessing the Scottish Golf App.

I’d like to highlight some other important issues that we are currently engaging both Scottish Golf and Intelligent Golf to resolve.


Course Stroke Indices

We were made aware recently that Scottish Golf had applied USGA stroke indices to our courses rather than the hole stroke indices on our scorecards. In readiness for WHS we had, as requested by Scottish Golf, diligently supplied all course details (including stroke indices). However, Scottish Golf have since explained that because c.200 Clubs did not provide their information, USGA stroke indices were applied to all Clubs. Having alerted Scottish Golf to our concerns in this regard they have now rectified matters, however this may lead to some minor adjustments to social scores posted since 2nd November when the correct stroke indices are applied retrospectively.


Incorrect Slope and Course ratings

The slope and course ratings advised to and used by Scottish Golf for each of the three Gullane courses are 100% accurate, this is important to stress. However, we have become aware that when social scores are being input via the IG Member App these are sometimes producing erroneous course and slope ratings. This is not the case and does not happen when using the Scottish Golf App.

Suspecting the root cause of this issue lay with Intelligent Golf we escalated this to them. IG advise they do not apply any ratings and that therefore the raw data (scores and tees played) is in their view somehow being corrupted to produce incorrect Slope and Course Ratings in the transmission of the information from IG to Scottish Golf.   

Our recommendation until we get to the bottom of this is to refrain from using the IG Member App for inputting social scores and to use the Scottish Golf App instead.


Home/Away Clubs

For those of you with other Clubs outwith Scotland, please be aware that you will require a separate CDH number for the relevant jurisdiction in which you play. Scottish Golf have advised us that WHS is not a globally linked system yet, therefore their guidance is that a player should hold a CDH number and Handicap Index for each jurisdiction they play golf within. For example, if you are a member of say, Gullane, Sunningdale & Portmarnock then (apart from being very fortunate!) you would have 3 live CDH numbers and Handicap Indices, which the player is then responsible for keeping up to date via the different platforms set out by the respective jurisdictions. A linked GB & I system is likely to be made available before a full global system is launched, however there are no timeframes as yet for this to happen.


As always, should you require any assistance with WHS please speak to myself or Jamie Wales in the first instance - we're always happy to help.


Stuart Bendoris


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